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What is a fair price for a walk in tub?

Our average tub cost is so much less than any competitor we know of. We have estimates from both national and local businesses in the range of $15,000. These estimates were given to us by customers who chose our service. We consider this pricing excessive. We always beat their prices & we will save you money!  Why pay more?   

Before buying any Walk-in Tub, shop around and get at least 2 to 3 bids. Understand what other companies are charging and selling so that you can make an informed choice.

The information & prices listed below were compiled from customers and friends sharing with us what they were quoted. We also shop our competition.

These are local (Denver) and national comparison prices for a 29 x 52 or 30 x 53 walk in tub with air hydrotherapy, installed, with a faucet kit, a drain kit, with basic installation with a inward swinging door.

Company Average Sales Price


Premier Company $22,000  
Jacuzzi $16,000  
Bathfitter $15,000  
ReBath $16,000  
Bath Planet $15,000  
Bentley Baths $14,500  Click here to return to our
Walk-in-bathtubs-of-CO * $13,500 Walk-In tub page and gallery.  
Safe Step $13,500   
Best bath $14,000  
Luxury Baths** $14,000   
Colorado Bathrooms (us) SO MUCH LOWER   Don't Pay Those High PRICES 


*Warning! Some of these tubs are made in China and may be of poor quality. We tried a couple of the tubs years ago and had nothing but problems with each and every one of them..... we will not sell them as they have numerous complaints against them.

**Many times these prices are even higher