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Colorado Bathrooms offers Whirlpools, Air Baths, Soaker Tubs, Air Tub and Whirlpool combinations.


Our bathtubs are available in an extensive selection of shapes, sizes, and choices for the experience you are looking for.Denver Whirlpool Bathtub


Whilrpools are proven to soothe pain and treat disease by increasing blood circulation and loosening tight muscles. The swirling motion of water ranges from a relaxing movement to a deep-penetrating massage. Dial controls direct the power of water onto sore muscles and these adjustable jets target specific body parts.

Air Baths

Air Baths provide a more gentle experience allowing you to relax. They provide a thermo air massage which creates tiny bubbles that move toward the surface of the water rejuvenating the bather with a light full body massage. These tubs are popular with the elderly because of their gentler massage. This form of hydrotherapy - the combination of water, heat and air circulation generates an immeasurable therapeutic effect. Water creates buoyancy, heat relaxes the body and the movement of air promotes blood circulation.

Air Tub and Whirlpool Combinations

Air Tub and Whirlpool Combinations provide relaxation and rejuvenation. This bathtub combines soaking, air massage and a deep tissue massage all in one. Its benefits engage all the physiological groups, calming, hydration, circulation, muscle relief, and tissue rejuvenation.