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Enable Aging in Place with a Low Cost Easy Entry Bathtub or Shower Conversion.


Our Colorado Bathrooms Walk-Thru Insert makes entering a bathtub easy and painless by lowering the barrier to entry. The tub cut insert can be used with or without the optional door. The door is lightweight, has built in water seals, is very easy to use and can be put in or taken out in seconds.

Why Convert your bathtub into an easy entry shower?

The average height of a bathtub is 14 to 16 inches (2 times higher than a normal step). Stepping over the side of the bathtub puts many seniors at risk for a bathroom accident.  By converting a bathtub into a Walk-Thru shower, you reduce that awkward barrier to entry and make an easy step into the shower.

The Walk-Thru Insert also provides an easy entry for those with handicaps creating an easy entry shower.

The Walk-Thru Insert Saves Money Over Bathtub Replacement

Our Walk-Thru Insert fits most bathtubs alleviating the need to remove the existing tub. Utilizing the original bathtub allows you to keep the walls, floors and plumbing intact - saving you literally thousands of dollars over conventional remodeling. The Walk-Thru Insert is installed in less than a day, with no costly demolition allowing access to the shower immediately.

If you are on a tight budget, then a Bath Tub Cut might be a great solution for you or someone you know.

The Walk-Thru Insert is a proven time and effort saving device for caregivers.

Our walk through opening is the widest on the market.

  • The opening is almost a full 2 feet wide. The door lifts off letting you utilize the complete width of the opening.
  • Our opening is completely flat. Stepping in to your bath tub is very easy.
  • In an emergency situation, the door is easily removed unlike other products. Our patented Quick Tub door can be opened instantly using the two quick acting handles.
  • Our Bath Tub Cut can be used in conjunction with affordable aftermarket tub benches or lift systems.


The Walk-Thru Insert benefits the whole family.

  • Easier access to wash young children when the door is off
  • Full bathtub function for all with the door on


Save thousands of dollars compared to some other alternatives.

If you are on a tight budget, then a Bath Tub Cut might be a great solution for you or someone you know. Your costs may be eligible for a tax deduction or government funding.

Is this the right option for me?

Colorado Bathrooms offers a personal evaluation - we will visit your home and help you select the perfect tub that fits your lifestyle. Click to Schedule a Free No-Obligation in Home Estimate. We also encourage you to set up an appointment to visit our showroom and try out a tub. If you prefer, call us at 303-880-8666.