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A bathtub can be a potential hazard for the elderly or disabled. 70 percent of home accidents occur in the bathroom. Bath safety is at the top of the list of home modifications that may become necessary as we age.

We offer a range of bathtubs and showers that have been specially designed for accessibility. For those seeking pain relief and treatment, you may want to consider an accessible bathtub with hydrotherapy or whirlpool features.


Which Option is Right For Me?

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Walk-in Bathtubs have a fitted door, descending to near ground level to allow a person to enter the tub without climbing over its side; the door is self-sealing.

Slide-in bathtubs are optimal for people who are not steady on their feet. The entrance to the tub is chair height, permitting a smooth transition from wheelchair to bath. 

Walk-in Shower Bathtub Conversion

Our Easy Access Bath Cut is installed low to help you get into your current bath tub. This is a low cost solution that provides a safe bathroom environment for the whole family.

Convert Your Bathtub into a shower that is easy to access. Our shower conversions are a great option for those that rarely use a tub, or feel unsafe using a bathtub.



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Walkin Bathtubs provide accessibility for seniors