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Slide in tubs are optimal for people who are not steady on their feet.


The entrance to the tub is chair height, permitting a smooth transition from wheelchair to bath. The innovative sliding door rolls shut and seals tight. This is also an ideal option for people who desire to extend their legs straight, to allow stretching. The slide in tubs are a comfortable height for caregivers.

Our Transition-Slide in Bath Tubs are available in several variations such as whirlpool only, air only, or a combination of both: whirlpool and air systems (dual system), or as a soaker, with no jets at all.

Choose from  2 different body styles. *

29 x 52 x 42  -  55 Gallons  -  Fiberglass  -  White Only
30 x 60 x 42  -  65 Gallons  -  Fiberglass  -   White Only

Choosing the right tub is important.

Colorado Bathrooms offers a personal evaluation - we will visit your home and help you select the perfect tub that fits your lifestyle. Click to Schedule a Free No-Obligation in Home Estimate. We also encourage you to set up an appointment to visit our showroom and try out a tub. If you prefer, call us at 303-880-8666.

slide-in bathtubs are good for people in wheelchairs